Potty Training with Pirate Pete


Pirate Peteeee! Oh my goodness my 2 1/2 year old loves this book. People all tell me their potty training stories about how their 6 week old was dry and on the potty before they were walking … please. I’m just not stressing about it. My little boy has plenty of time to do this before nursery starts at the end of the year so we are just going with the flow.

I’m no expert on this so here is my rough plan for potty training that I’ve cobbled together from others experiences. Our little one is still only 2 so this isn’t a ‘potty train in a week’ exercise, this is more paving the way to success when we do this properly in the summer *she says nodding head confidently*.

There are so many methods out there but these are the bits I have read up on and personally feel are important and will work for my family. If it doesn’t work I’ll try something different, no one ever reached twenty five still in nappies so we’ll get there eventually.

The main pointers I’ve found are –

Do it in a period of calm with no major upheavals happening in your life.

Do it when they are ready, they should know when they are going to the toilet, or need to go and be able to tell you or at least show signs that you recognise.

It’s easier if they can pull their pants up and down and can listen to you about when to sit on the potty. Keeping their nappy off so they can see when they are going also helps them to make the connection and help the process.

Boys can sometimes be ready a little later than girls and parents normally start thinking about training their children around 2 1/2 – 3 years old.

Don’t make a big deal about it if they have an accident. If they aren’t ready and are getting upset with having their nappy off try again in a couple of weeks or if they don’t like the potty try the toilet with a child’s seat, some toddlers get on fine with one but hate the other.

So about 3 months ago I brought 2 cheap potties and put one upstairs and one downstairs (because time isn’t always on our side) and left it at that. Some days he will say he wants to sit on it and then loses interest for a few days. It often becomes more appealing as an alternative to getting ready for bed so I have now made it part of our evening routine.


I’ve noticed he is really receptive to books and copies things, so naturally I thought… buy him a potty book. I started looking at trusty old Amazon book reviews for good ones and Pirate Pete seemed to tick all the boxes. Am I the only one who checks book reviews even when I’m buying one in a shop, why can’t I read a synopsis and make my own decision like in the 90s, I think I have a problem.

I thought I’d give it a try just to explain to him what he should do when he’s ready. It’s colourfully illustrated and there is a little button you push that gives you a cheer at the end of each page. This is really similar to a few other books he has and he loves the sounds so really interactive and holds his attention.

It’s a simple little story about Pirate Pete who has decided it’s time to hang up his nappy and become a big boy. I can see the cheer getting annoying after the 5th time in a morning but this is his favorite part and he is now asking to use the potty regularly.


For anyone not knowing where to start or struggling with training it’s really worth the money, we are first time parents so don’t have a clue about these things. For us it has made explaining the whole process so easy. He may not have the control yet but when he is ready most of the work is done.

Now that he understand the basics I will wait until summer so it’s warm and I can strip him off and let him roam around the garden like a free range cow. That way I won’t have to wash everything he owns and he will figure it out pretty quickly when he pees mid trampoline.


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