Let it snow… a little


Alexandra Park, Hastings


The park is my favourite place on a snowy day. Usually I have to get to work and am filled with dread that I will have to navigate the roads and risk falling over when 10 people I know are watching. Then I have to spend the day panicking that I’ll get snowed in at work and will have to camp out under my desk until the thaw, well not today. Today I was lucky enough not to be working and could enjoy a walk around my local park.

It’s lovely when you haven’t got to be anywhere and the park was deserted with just a few dog walkers that had ventured out. I appreciate that some of you may read this and laugh given how little snow there actually is, but this still provokes mass panic in the South East and people rush to the shops to buy 8 loaves of bread and ten pints of milk so I feel that this can absolutely be classed as a snowy day.

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